Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Our busy little family.

I seem to never have any time to do anything!  My poor blog is suffering because of it!
My house has been crazy busy with all the things that we have had
going on the last couple of months and especially having 2 (almost) crawlers on out hands!

Time has been flying by and i cannot believe that it is already October! My brother comes home from his two year mission in three weeks and i can hardly stand it!  I cannot wait for him to meet these precious boys and finally get to know him!
My other little brother left for his mission to California in August... It has been sad to have him gone, but we couldn't be more proud of him! He will be such a great missionary and will be such a hard worker.  I miss him so much already!
These little boys are changing every single day.  They are almost 8 months old already! They light up our lives and are such precious little boys to be around.  The poor guys are teething like crazy.  They both already have two of their bottom teeth in and their two top front teeth are almost in as well!  It is crazy how fast heir teeth are coming in!  They started getting their teeth at 5 1/2 months! 

They both sit up on their own now and are starting to recognize each other a lot more. They are always giggling and grabbing at each other every chance that they get. They just love each other and it is so much fun to watch them interact. They both have noticed the puppies now and cant keep their hands off of them! Every time they walk by, the boys let out little screams and laughs.
It is the cutest thing ever.
Brody and Jace are so close the crawling! They both roll over all over the place and pull themselves up on their hands and knees!  They move back and forth like they are going to crawl and then they just give up and fall over. haha.  It is exciting that they are getting to the stage of crawling, but at the same time i dont want them too because i will never be able to get anything done with two crawlers! 

We recently moved into a home about a month ago and it has been so nice to have 
a little bit more space with these babies!  The move went great thanks to all the wonderful help
we had from friends and family.  We couldn't have done it with out them!  We miss our area and our wonderful friends and family that were close to us, but we are ready to start again in a new area and meet more new people.

Our poor Daddy has been buried in school from morning until evening every day of the week.  And when i say every day, i mean every day!  Even the weekends now... He is such a hard worker and
we couldn't be more proud of him.  It has definitely been tough not being able to see him a whole ton, but we know all his hard work will pay off later on! 
Even though our lives have been so busy, we can't wait until that time of the day when we get to spend time as a family.  The boys love their daddy so much and their faces light up every time Trevor walks through the door.  I am so glad i chose to such a wonderful companion to spend eternity with.  He is my everything and i couldn't imagine life without him. 


  1. Ok, I mean they are the CUTEST babies ever. Such a lucky mamma :)

  2. hola hermanita :) te amo much alyssa, gracias por todo el esfuerzo y el amor y el carino que me has puesto y que has desempenada como mi hermana mayor, te amo de todo corazon. Espero anhelosamente para verte de nuevo...diles a los ninos que ya pronto conoceran a su Tio Mateo y nos vamos a GOZAR! los amo con todo mi corazon, gracias por mostrarme tanto amor y por escribirme durante la mision...significa mucho para mi :) Trevor, gracias por ser tan buen ejemplo de un ex-misionero...te amo como un hermano y gracias por tratar a mi hermana con tanto amor, carino y respeto...eres un cunado de verdad...preparate porque ya pronto vamos a FIESTEAR!! cuidense mucho y God be with you till we meet again... con mucho amor y carino- Elder Mateo Gallego