Monday, June 7, 2010

The Temple

This is like the fourth of a million posts i have posted today but i could not forget this important place! The temple is the best place in the whole entire world. It means so much to me and i just feel the feel spirit so strong every time i go. Trevor and I were able to go Friday night and i could just feel Heavenly Father's love for me so strong. This special place makes me so happy... I am so glad that i can be with my family and husband forever because of the temple. It truly is the best place to be.


So i pretty much HATE any type of bug with a passion... Ask Trevor, i freak out about bugs. They seriously creep me out and they are so gross... So i had a wonderful experience this past Sunday with bugs. Yeah definitely not wonderful at all. You will probably want to puke after reading what happened to me. I almost did.
So we just got out of sacrament and headed over to the primary room for opening exercises with our seven year old class. I went and sat down by the kids. A little boy in our class named Logan said "Umm... Alyssa you have a bug in your hair." At this moment i was just expecting a little bug but when i placed my hand on my head it was a COCKROACH!!!! I freaked out and threw it off my head and really couldn't believe that that just had happened to me. It was the most disgusting thing EVER!!!! All the kids, of course, started laughing at me... Someone finally killed it and that put me at peace. Did i mention that i really hate bugs?? Yeah i thought i did. So the Primary president comes up to me and she said that cockroaches climb the walls all the time in that room and that i must had leaned against the wall and it climbed on me. I will never make that mistake ever again in that primary room that is all i can say ha.

Scariest Thing Ever...

So on Friday pretty much the worst thing happened to me. It makes me want to cry even thinking about it... So i wake up and getting ready work on Friday morning. i am just about the leave out the door when i had a feeling to look down at my wedding ring. As i looked down at it i screamed and started shaking... My middle big diamond was GONE!!!! I stared at my finger for about 2 minutes trying to figure out if i was dreaming or if this was actually really happening to me!! Sadly, it was not a dream. It had fallen out some where and i had no idea where it was!!! I seriously was freaking out crying and running around the house frantically looking for it. I searched and pulled my bed apart, searched my carpets and bathrooms and everywhere i could think of!! I prayed and prayed and prayed that i would find the diamond. I searched for about an hour which felt like a year and did not find anything... I thought it was gone forever... As tears filled my eyes again with disappointment and sadness, i decided i would kneel down again and say another prayer. After i was done praying, i had an overwhelming feeling that i needed to go search my bathroom floor one more time. I went into the bathroom and on the floor was my diamond to my ring! I started to cry tears of happiness and gave thanks to my Heavenly Father for answering my prayers! I am so grateful that i found my diamond and that my prayers were answered. I love my Heavenly Father and the love he has for me.

San Fransisco

We were able to attend a little family reunion in San Fransisco a couple of weeks ago. Well we actually stayed in Sanoma for most of the time and then went into San Fransisco for a day to see everything. Sanoma was beautiful. Trevor's grandpa got everyone together to come down for his 70th birthday. We arrived at his grandpa's house i was really knowing what to expect because i had never been to Sanoma or his house before. Trevor told me it would be a little different. So we show up and his house totally looks like Tia Rosas! haha it was seriously like being in a Santa Fe Restaurant. They have such a cool style. Pretty much what we did in California is eat, rent vespas, eat again, site see around the city, eat some more, go to china town, eat a little more, get sun burned, eat even more, take family pictures, hike, oh and did i mention that we ate? We seriously ate non stop. Trevor's grandparents love to eat and plan meals. We seriously would just be done eating dinner and grandpa would ask us right after what should we eat for the next meal and we would all just laugh. haha it was great. I felt like i gained like a 100 pounds after leaving his house. Oh funny story... So when we were in the San Fransisco for a day we met a lot of crazy people. We stopped at a McDonald's to go pee and would not believe what happened to us... We were sitting down waiting for everyone to get done doing what they had to do and this old homeless man came in with all of his stuff. He comes to sit down by us and totally wips out a box with a ton of cocaine in it. He then proceeds to snort it right in front of us in McDonald's. Can you believe that! It was seriously disgusting. I could not believe it was happening ha. Trevor got asked, as we were walking in McDonald's if he had some LSD too ha. San Fransisco has a ton of crazy people down there. It was really a fun trip and we just loved being together. The next family trip is planned for New York and we cant wait! I have never been and i have wanted to go for so long... We will see if we really actually go! i sure hope so! Here are some pics from the trip. I will put some better ones up as soon as i get them from my mother in law. These ones are from my phone and are pretty crappy.

Trevor got a mad farmer's tan from riding the vespas all day! He wasn't too happy about it haha.
Trevor in a big (i think alligator mouth) in San Fran
There were a million seals in a bay in San Fran. It was so funny to watch them!
Trev and I out by the bay in San Fran. It was always freezing by the water! other than that it was super hot..
Us again in San Fran on the side walk
There were these cool robot guys all painted up on the side walks doing weird dances which was so cool! They looked liked actual robots!
Okay this was the funniest thing ever... We were walking across the street in China town when like a 90 year old lady grabbed Travis's arm and asked him to walk her across the street. She reminded me of the grandma from Mulan ha.
Me on my cute PINK vespa that we rode around the pretty vineyards and the city of Sanoma