Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Time.

Well Christmas has come and gone yet again! It was so much fun spending time with family and friends and most importantly, remembering and celebrating our Savior's birth! Church was fabulous and the music the choir sang was beautiful!
We spent time with family and enjoyed all the great food! The babies really enjoyed all the yummy food too of course.
Our little family was spoiled on Christmas by family and of course Trevor spoiled me too! He is so good to me.
Even Bella and Tia got dressed up and they were adorable. Bella really liked opening her treats Christmas morning and then tried to open everyone else's presents all day. She was pretty mad when she didn't get as many presents as everyone else did. It was actually pretty funny to watch her try and take everyone else's presents!
Everything has been so busy with the holidays, so it is nice to relax now and enjoy all the fun things we got.
The BEST part was getting to talk to my adorable missionary brother who is in Pennsylvania for the last time during Christmas! Yay! He is doing so great and it was so good to hear his voice. He really does miss his family a ton, but he knows that what he is doing is blessing so many lives. He is amazing and we all cannot wait to be with him next Christmas! Even the twins.
The babies are growing like crazy and kicking all the time. It is so much fun to feel them move around inside of me. I love it! They are always wiggling and boxing each other. It is like a total party in my tummy!
I am 28 weeks now and starting my third trimester! WHAT?! Yeah i can't believe it either. Time is just flying by! I cannot wait to hold my baby boys though. I dream about it all the time.
Next Christmas there will be two additions to our little family photo. We can't wait!

Friday, December 9, 2011

25 weeks already??

I am 25 weeks and 1 day already! I cannot believe it! Crazy how time flies. I seriously cannot wait to hold these little baby boys though. I have dreams about them almost every night and i get so mad when i wake up and they aren't real! oh well. They will be here soon enough! Trevor and I can't wait to give them kisses all over.
One happy soon-to-be mommy!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Our Dream School.

Trevor was accepted to a couple dental schools yesterday and one of them was AT Still which is about 10 minutes from our house and has been Trevor's dream dental school for FOREVER!

We are so excited that Trevor was able to get into this school since it is so competitive, really hard to get into, has such a great dental program, and is so close to home! This was his number one choice and this school was all he could think about for months! He interviewed at 5 schools and all of them seemed great, but he said that he felt like AT Still was going to be the best school for him and he could totally see himself there. Trevor was one of 30 out of 4,000 people that was accepted yesterday!!

My husband is a genius and is such a hard worker. Seriously though. He has put so much time and effort into his classes and into the things that he needed to do in order to make it possible for him to go to this school. He would never settle for anything below an A and would over achieve in everything he did to prepare for dental school. We are so beyond excited to start a new chapter in our lives with our baby boys and to start our journey through dental school together in August. It will be a hard journey, but we know it will be worth it in the end. We are so proud of our Trevor and the wonderful husband and soon-to-be daddy he is. He does so MUCH for our little family. He reminds me every day that everything he does is for me and our boys and i cannot be more grateful for what an awesome man i married. I love him forever and and am so proud of all he does! We love you babe!

Hello Class of 2016!!