Friday, December 7, 2012

Being a mom and a wife.

A little late night post since my babies are having a hard time sleeping.
Both of them, mainly Jace, have been waking up constantly throughout the night because they
are having separation anxiety.  It's the saddest thing, but i don't want
them getting used to me coming in every time and rocking them back to sleep. 
I just feel helpless.  So we will see how letting them crying it out will do.
I feel like THE WORST mom doing it....

Life has been so busy lately.
The boys are nearly 10 months old and are growing like crazy.
I am still working from home and 
doing all the wife/mother things that need to be done.
And Trevor is in dental school working his butt off.  So proud of him.

I just want to stop time some days.  It feels like just yesterday that
these little boys were in my belly bouncing around and
now they are crawling and getting into everything.
I can't keep up with them!  They are going to be 1 before
I know it!

Both boys are growing on track and are 21 pounds!  Big boys.
They are starting to slim out though with all the crawling and climbing they are doing!
They are both so active.  They both are saying "MAMA!" and call daddy "Babba!" haha its the
cutest thing.  It's the sweetest thing to hear "mama, mama, mom, mommy, mom, mommy, mama!" as they follow me around the house.

We are loving Christmas time and everything that comes along with it! 
It will be the boys first christmas and i cannot wait!  They are going to
have so much fun.  They already are!  I think i may gain 20 pounds though from eating
all the holiday oreos though...  They are to die for and so addiciting.
i have a real problem. I have had to make myself only eat on my cheat days.  Sad story.

There is always so much that needs to be done it feels like.  From washing bottles
to constantly feeding the babies to laundry or to washing the floors and cleaning the house
like every day!  It feels like it never ends!  It is exhausting!  I feel like
my days blend together and bam its friday already!  Where have the weeks gone?!

My trips to the grocery store or Costco are seriously the hardest thing i think that i have had
to do with twins.  I hate that most places dont even have double carts so i have to 
force the boys to sit in the stroller strapped in and we all know that doesn't last
very long anymore now that they want to move around constantly! And i have to pull a grocery cart at the same time!  It is quite the workout let me tell you.

But the thing that just drives me INSANE are all the old people
seriously stopping me every two seconds trying to sit and chat. They are so sweet and i know they mean good by it, but it has just become crazy! "oh my gosh are those twins?!" "oh my gosh those are the cutest girls!"  Say what?!  im sorry, but they have mohawks and are wearing boy colored, striped onesies with blue blankies.  not sure how you confuse that with a girl...
And what is nuts is that they all say the same exact thing!
So my already 2 hour shopping trip has to turn into 3 hours 
because im stopped all the time. The old people are sweet and i know.  It
just gets overbearing.  Especially when most off them try and kiss and touch them all over....
Sorry i hate to complain but it has become an issue that
has been driving me crazy! haha.

Life is great and hard and great and hard but i love it.

Some days I have babies screaming at me for no reason at all
and then there are some days where they just love and cuddle with me.
Then there are days and nights that i have sick babies up all night and i feel helpless because i can't take the pain away.

The truth is i seriously wouldn't change any of this for the world.  My husband and babies
are my life and i couldn't imagine life without them.
I seriously could not do any of this without my wonderful husband.
He gets up countless times throughout
the night with the babies and mornings to give them bottles before he
leaves for school so that i can sleep.  He seriously rocks.
They are the little things that count. 
Heavenly Father has blessed our little family with so much and sometimes on the hard days
i forget that.  I love my life and the wonderful people in it that make it great.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Our busy little family.

I seem to never have any time to do anything!  My poor blog is suffering because of it!
My house has been crazy busy with all the things that we have had
going on the last couple of months and especially having 2 (almost) crawlers on out hands!

Time has been flying by and i cannot believe that it is already October! My brother comes home from his two year mission in three weeks and i can hardly stand it!  I cannot wait for him to meet these precious boys and finally get to know him!
My other little brother left for his mission to California in August... It has been sad to have him gone, but we couldn't be more proud of him! He will be such a great missionary and will be such a hard worker.  I miss him so much already!
These little boys are changing every single day.  They are almost 8 months old already! They light up our lives and are such precious little boys to be around.  The poor guys are teething like crazy.  They both already have two of their bottom teeth in and their two top front teeth are almost in as well!  It is crazy how fast heir teeth are coming in!  They started getting their teeth at 5 1/2 months! 

They both sit up on their own now and are starting to recognize each other a lot more. They are always giggling and grabbing at each other every chance that they get. They just love each other and it is so much fun to watch them interact. They both have noticed the puppies now and cant keep their hands off of them! Every time they walk by, the boys let out little screams and laughs.
It is the cutest thing ever.
Brody and Jace are so close the crawling! They both roll over all over the place and pull themselves up on their hands and knees!  They move back and forth like they are going to crawl and then they just give up and fall over. haha.  It is exciting that they are getting to the stage of crawling, but at the same time i dont want them too because i will never be able to get anything done with two crawlers! 

We recently moved into a home about a month ago and it has been so nice to have 
a little bit more space with these babies!  The move went great thanks to all the wonderful help
we had from friends and family.  We couldn't have done it with out them!  We miss our area and our wonderful friends and family that were close to us, but we are ready to start again in a new area and meet more new people.

Our poor Daddy has been buried in school from morning until evening every day of the week.  And when i say every day, i mean every day!  Even the weekends now... He is such a hard worker and
we couldn't be more proud of him.  It has definitely been tough not being able to see him a whole ton, but we know all his hard work will pay off later on! 
Even though our lives have been so busy, we can't wait until that time of the day when we get to spend time as a family.  The boys love their daddy so much and their faces light up every time Trevor walks through the door.  I am so glad i chose to such a wonderful companion to spend eternity with.  He is my everything and i couldn't imagine life without him. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Life Lately.

I have been so bad at this blogging thing since these babies came along.
I want to be good about it because this thing is like
my journal and i want to be able to look back on it and not
forget anything!  From taking care of the babies, to working, taking care of the house, and taking care of my husband, i am a busy woman. 

Our little boys are the cutest ever. 
They will be 5 months tomorrow and i cannot believe how fast time is passing by
It feels like just yesterday they were in my belly
It has been a whole year since we found out we were going to be
a mommy and a daddy!  These little babes were smaller than a pea in my belly
and now, a year later, they weigh a whopping 15 pounds! Yes they are big boys.
But healthy big boys! 
They have started eating real food and love it!  That milk stuff just wasn't doing it
for them anymore.  They wanted the good stuff. 
So we gave it to them and they have been doing great ever since!
They love love love applesauce, pears, and sweet potatoes.  Jace is the picky eater 
and hates peas and squash so far.  I don't blame him because i hate them too!  
Brody will basically eat anything!
 We like to make the funniest poopy faces!
We love to go swimming since it is so hot outside!
The boys love to play in the water and float on their floaties.  Bath time and swim time is a favorite around here, but only when we aren't fussy and tired. 
Brody and Jace spent their first night apart form each other last night!  Yes i was so sad about it.
I think they were more sad about it though.  It took them a little bit longer to fall asleep.
They both shared a crib from the beginning with a crib divider separating them so
that they wouldn't wake each other up or suffocate the other one.  But this past week, they have been kicking the divider all over the place and on top of each other so it has made me a 
little panickya.  I didn't feel safe about having the divider in the crib anymore so i took it out to see how they would do.  That totally did not work!  They were up all night all over each other and hitting each other in the face.  I had them both on opposite sides of the bed and then somehow they would end up in the middle all twisted around on each other.  So i went to Plan C and brought the pack & play up into the nursery and it worked! They actually slept the best they have ever slept!  They have been usually going down at about 10-10:30 at night and then waking up at 7 in the morning.  Last night they went to sleep at 10 and didn't wake up at all until 9:30 this morning!  They totally would have slept longer too if i didn't go wake them up!  I was pretty happy about it.
The boys love to always be sitting up now.  They dont like to be laying down much anymore in their boppies or in their pack & play. They love to just be up and doing what we are doing.  
They love things that are bright and moving.  They can't keep their eyes off my cell phone, laptop, or the t.v. when they are on!  It is so funny to watch.  They love their toys and love love to put everything in their mouths right now.  They are constitantly chewing on their fingers and hands all day!
We think that they also might be teething a little too right now.  Not for sure though because some days they will be fussy and chewing hard on their binkis and other days they aren't!  They are drooling all over everything right now though!  So we will see!  
They are fitting into 6 - 12 month clothes right now!  I hate that all the different brands of clothes are different sizes when it comes to the age.  I have the boys in some clothes that are 12 months, some that are 9 months, and some that are 6 months.  But then when i go to put them in some clothes that are 12 months, they are swimming in them!  Stupid.  It made me sad to start putting away all their 0 - 3 month clothes the other day.  They are growing up too fast.  I know it may not seem that fast, but to me they are!
Brody rolled over back when he was 2 months old and hadn't done it since, but today he rolled over twice!  Jace has yet to roll over.  We are practicing!

Both boys love to giggle and talk a ton!  it is the cutest thing.
I love this stage that they are going through.
They are so smily and giggly all the time!  Well at least
most of the time.  When their tummies are hungry or their diapers are full, we are all
screams over here.  Can you blame them!
I wish i could scream and have someone bring me food!  Wouldn't you?!
These baby boys have been really attached to their mommy and daddy lately.
I can barley leave them for 5 seconds before they start crying and wanting me to hold them or
sit by them.  It is even hard to leave them with other people or let anyone else
hold them right now because all they want is either mom or dad.  I mean
in a way i love this because they know who their mommy and daddy are, but
i cannot get anything done or really leave them a whole lot right now.
We miss daddy when he is away at dental school all day from 8 to 5.  Yes dental school!
Trevor started dental school Friday and he has been loving every minute of it all.
We have met so many awesome people and cannot wait to spend the next 4
years with them all.  He has some great friends that i know will turn out
to be some of his best friends! Trevor loves wearing scrubs and his new badge every day!  Way better then going to school at sucky ASU that's for sure.  He is living his dream!  
We are so proud of him and everything he has accomplished to get to this point!
It feels like just yesterday that we were talking about dental school
and wanting to be at that point in our lives so bad.  Now it is here and
we can't wait to see where all this schooling takes us! We love you Dr. Nichols!
We just recently took a trip to Newport Beach and are missing every
second of it right now!  Mainly the insanely awesome weather the most!
Seriously it was beautiful and not like an oven like it is here! It was seriously amazing.
We loved our runs on the beach, endless sand in between our toes, fun bikes rides on the boardwalk and streets, eating tacos & milkshakes, spending time with family, hanging at the beach house,
surfing & surfing the waves, getting our tan on, and taking the boys to the beach
for the first time!  These boys didn't like the beach so much.  It was kind of cold, windy, and not what they really wanted to be doing.  They liked sitting in the sand or going down to see the waves, but that only lasted a couple of minutes.  Hopefully they enjoy it more next year when we go.  We 
go every year so i really hope they start to like it! They will be almost a year in a half when we go next so i think they will like it a lot better and enjoy it more.
We found a house closer to Trevor's dental school and will be moving in about a month!  We cannot
wait to get out of our little condo and into something bigger and closer to school.  We are running out of room with everything that comes along with having twins!  We are really excited, but i am a little sad
at the same time.  We live so close to our best friends and family and will miss that!  This is also the
first place we bought together as a married couple.  So many memories have been made in our cute little condo, but we cannot wait to make some more memories in our new home.

We love our little family and love that these boys are growing so healthy and strong.
We are so thankful everyday for our blessed we are.