Monday, January 23, 2012

Update on the Babies

I am almost 32 weeks and i had another ultrasound of
my cute little boys today.
I love getting to see them, but it has been so uncomfortable
to lay on my back for so long while they look at them.
My back gets so cramped up and my whole body
starts sweating. It's painful!
I guess this will give me a little glimpse of
how labor is going to be...

Both boys are doing great! Baby A is measuring 3 lbs 14 oz
and Baby B is measuring 3 lbs 11 oz.
They are both growing on track and are looking good!
I love when i get good news every time i go in for an ultrasound.
I just feel so relieved and blessed that they are doing so good.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow so that she can go over
the ultrasound with me and check me out.
Hopefully all goes great and i won't have to be on
full bed rest!
I am already partially on bed rest since my cervix has been thinning.
It is definitely tough not being able to be up and around as much,
but it will all be worth it when these precious little boys come.

I am totally in that UNCOMFORTABLE stage of pregnancy.
I don't even look forward to bed time anymore because i can't get to sleep
for at least an hour and then i wake up
constantly throughout the night. I guess this will prepare me for
when the babies are here and having to be up all night with them!
I am still having braxton hicks contractions quite often so it has
been difficult to walk or even sit in different positions.
I seriously don't think my belly can stretch anymore.
I feel like i am going to EXPLODE even though my belly really
isn't that big for having twins in there.
I wouldn't trade being uncomfortable or in pain for anything though.
My little boys are worth it all.

The lovely ladies at my work are throwing me a shower tomorrow
and i can't wait! I have been working from home because of the babies so
i haven't been able to see anyone for awhile there so i am really excited!
My awesome moms, family, and friends are throwing me a shower
this weekend too and i can't wait for that one either!

These little boys are so spoiled already.
Our little family definitely feels the love from everyone
and we couldn't be more grateful.
We are so blessed in so many different ways.
These little boys can't wait to love on you all when they get here!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Time in Flying By...

Wow i cannot even believe that i am 30 weeks already today!
i just had a doctors appointment a couple of days ago
and she said that i could go at any time!
She said that we are pushing for at least 6 more weeks.
What?! 6 WEEKS?!
Ummm Yes. i could have these baby boys in just a short 6 weeks.
i am freaking out.
i just want to hold them and give them kisses all over already!
i know that they can't wait to get out either because
they are both kicking at me as i speak.
i love these little boys so much already.
We had an ultrasound last week and both babies are doing great!
One was 2lbs 7 oz and the other was 2lbs 10 oz.
They both probably weigh about 3 pounds each now.
I have another ultrasound in a couple of weeks to monitor their sizes.
As soon as i hit 32 weeks, i have to go in every week to get tests done
to monitor the babies closely.
that is so soon!
I have been having a ton of the braxton hicks contractions lately
so my doctor checked me out.
Since one baby is so low and since i have been having a lot of
those contractions, my cervix is already thinning out!
So these next few weeks i have to really take it easy.
i am not on complete bed rest yet, but almost.
i can't even walk around or stand very often.
i dont care though, because these babies are completely worth it.
i cannot believe that this pregnancy is coming to an end already so soon.
i can't wait to meet my little boys, but i hope they stay in my tummy until
they are ready and are done growing.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Wow i cannot believe that it is 2012 already! It feels like we were just celebrating the new year turning 2011! Crazy how time flies and how so much has changed in just one year. In 2011 we were faced with some challenges, but yet faced with many happy moments together presented with tons of exciting news.
We are so ready for this new year and the exciting events it has to bring.
Some of the main moments we will get to share as a family this year are:
- Bringing our precious little boys into the world around February/March.
We cannot wait to meet the little guys.
- Trevor will turn 25!
- Alyssa will turn 22!
- We will celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary.
3 years already?! We wish we could relive this day again everyday.
- Trevor will graduate from ASU in May with a Bachelors in Exercise Science. Woo Hoo!
- We will start the 4 year+ journey through dental school as Trevor furthers his career in July.
- My brother Matthew, who is serving a mission in Pennsylvania, will come home in October!
- My baby boys get to meet their uncle Matthew for the first time.
- Alec, my other brother, will be leaving on his mission sometime
in between summer and fall.
- Chandler, my youngest brother, will be beginning his senior year in high school! Ahh!

AND the list will continue as many more memories will be made during this wonderful new year.

We can't wait to see what this year has in store for us and what Heavenly Father has planned for our little family. We can't wait to find out.

We hope you all have a FABULOUS NEW YEAR!