Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Time.

Well Christmas has come and gone yet again! It was so much fun spending time with family and friends and most importantly, remembering and celebrating our Savior's birth! Church was fabulous and the music the choir sang was beautiful!
We spent time with family and enjoyed all the great food! The babies really enjoyed all the yummy food too of course.
Our little family was spoiled on Christmas by family and of course Trevor spoiled me too! He is so good to me.
Even Bella and Tia got dressed up and they were adorable. Bella really liked opening her treats Christmas morning and then tried to open everyone else's presents all day. She was pretty mad when she didn't get as many presents as everyone else did. It was actually pretty funny to watch her try and take everyone else's presents!
Everything has been so busy with the holidays, so it is nice to relax now and enjoy all the fun things we got.
The BEST part was getting to talk to my adorable missionary brother who is in Pennsylvania for the last time during Christmas! Yay! He is doing so great and it was so good to hear his voice. He really does miss his family a ton, but he knows that what he is doing is blessing so many lives. He is amazing and we all cannot wait to be with him next Christmas! Even the twins.
The babies are growing like crazy and kicking all the time. It is so much fun to feel them move around inside of me. I love it! They are always wiggling and boxing each other. It is like a total party in my tummy!
I am 28 weeks now and starting my third trimester! WHAT?! Yeah i can't believe it either. Time is just flying by! I cannot wait to hold my baby boys though. I dream about it all the time.
Next Christmas there will be two additions to our little family photo. We can't wait!

Friday, December 9, 2011

25 weeks already??

I am 25 weeks and 1 day already! I cannot believe it! Crazy how time flies. I seriously cannot wait to hold these little baby boys though. I have dreams about them almost every night and i get so mad when i wake up and they aren't real! oh well. They will be here soon enough! Trevor and I can't wait to give them kisses all over.
One happy soon-to-be mommy!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Our Dream School.

Trevor was accepted to a couple dental schools yesterday and one of them was AT Still which is about 10 minutes from our house and has been Trevor's dream dental school for FOREVER!

We are so excited that Trevor was able to get into this school since it is so competitive, really hard to get into, has such a great dental program, and is so close to home! This was his number one choice and this school was all he could think about for months! He interviewed at 5 schools and all of them seemed great, but he said that he felt like AT Still was going to be the best school for him and he could totally see himself there. Trevor was one of 30 out of 4,000 people that was accepted yesterday!!

My husband is a genius and is such a hard worker. Seriously though. He has put so much time and effort into his classes and into the things that he needed to do in order to make it possible for him to go to this school. He would never settle for anything below an A and would over achieve in everything he did to prepare for dental school. We are so beyond excited to start a new chapter in our lives with our baby boys and to start our journey through dental school together in August. It will be a hard journey, but we know it will be worth it in the end. We are so proud of our Trevor and the wonderful husband and soon-to-be daddy he is. He does so MUCH for our little family. He reminds me every day that everything he does is for me and our boys and i cannot be more grateful for what an awesome man i married. I love him forever and and am so proud of all he does! We love you babe!

Hello Class of 2016!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

24 weeks!

I cannot believe that i am 24 weeks already!! This pregnancy is flying by! I could have my baby boys in my arms in just a couple months since twins like to come early! I seriously cannot wait to see my baby boys. I am going crazy! They seriously are the cutest things ever. I just can't get over it. I love them to death already. I love feeling them wiggle and jump around with each other in my belly all the time! Their favorite times to wiggle are just when i am going to sleep, when i am hungry, and when they hear their daddy's voice! Trevor spoke in church on Sunday and during his whole talk, the boys were jumping and kicking like crazy! As soon as his talk was done, the boys calmed down and stopped kicking. It was so cute! They love their daddy soooo much already. I hope these little boys look just like little Trevors. From the pictures that we can see now, they totally do and i love it!

I am having good and bad days when it comes to the pregnancy. I don't have the sickness anymore, but i do get really tired and uncomfortable a lot lately. It has even been hard to walk around even for an hour! My doctor said that i could go on bed rest at anytime so i am crossing my fingers that that doesn't happen for awhile! I have so much to get done! It is hard at times, but i wouldn't change it for the world. These boys and Trevor are my whole world and I cannot wait until they get here so that we can play and love on them!

We just had an ultrasound yesterday to monitor the babies' hearts and everything looks great! They are both measuring 1 lb. 4 oz. exactly! They are getting so BIG already!

Here are some adorable pics of them that we got yesterday. I just want to kiss all over these babies right now.
The boys were being stinkers so it was hard to get some good shots of their faces. They either kept moving or putting their hands in their faces right as we would take the pictures! It's like they don't want us to see them yet and to be surprised... haha. But we were still able to get a couple good ones!

I am in LOVE with these baby boys! I cannot wait until i have them in my arms!

Friday, October 28, 2011

October 27th.

Yesterday I found out the gender of my sweet babies...

THEY ARE BOYS!!!! We are so thrilled that we have little identical twin baby boys on the way. We cannot wait to meet them so they better hurry up and grow fast!

Trevor and I had been waiting to find out what these babies were ever since we got pregnant. October 27th felt like it couldn't come fast enough and then it finally came after a long wait!

Our appointment was at 3:15 p.m. so it seriously felt like i was waiting years as i was twiddling my thumbs up until the appointment. Good thing i was keeping myself busy with things so it made the time go by faster. At about 2:30 p.m., i got a call from the ultrasound facility and i about freaked out when i saw them calling me because i thought that they were going to cancel! They then told me that they were running behind so that my appointment time would be pushed back a bit. Good thing they didn't want to reschedule because they would have had one angry pregnant woman for sure. haha.

We finally got to the facility and we sat there for about an hour before we got called back. I could not stop fidgeting or moving around because i was so excited to know what they were already! We were finally got called back and we jumped out of our seats. We raced back to the back and they quickly started the ultrasound. The tech started doing her thing and examined a few things before going onto the gender. Then she pointed to the boy part on baby A (who might i add, was spreading his legs and throwing it in our view for visibility. It was hilarious) and it was definitely a baby boy! My heart sank and Trevor and I were both overwhelmed with happiness! We were having boys!! Since we confirmed the first baby was a boy, we assumed the other one was a boy too since they are identical, but we still wanted to check in case. The tech did some more examinations on the first baby and then finally went on to the next one. Then there it was! The baby boy part again! Both of our boys liked showing off their parts to us and were not shy at all! It was seriously the funniest thing ever. Of course Trevor was SUPER proud of them. haha.

You can tell which baby is which by a letter A or B on the left of the picture.

Baby B was being stubborn and wouldn't let us see his face! Still so adorable though.
Loving each other!
Still loving each other!
Look at that cute butt!
Baby A showing us how cute he is! Love!

The boys are doing great and are healthy! The doctor talked with us this morning about the ultrasound and gave us a little feedback about what we should be expecting from now on. I have to go in every two weeks now for an ultrasound just to check their size and how they are growing. They are both already 8 ounces, but he said that they are little bit lower than normal when it comes to their weight at this stage of the pregnancy. He said that it was nothing to worry about, but that we want to keep an eye on them to make sure they are growing on track. They then have to get an echocardiogram done in about 4 weeks to check their hearts since they are monochorionic twins. All this testing is standard for these types of twins so i am ok with it. All i care about is that my babies are healthy!

We could not be happier about our babies being cute boys! The pregnancy just feels so much more real now knowing what our sweet babies are. We are so excited to be a mommy and a daddy and cannot wait for these babies to be out already! We already love them so much and love every time we get to see them up on the screen. It really is the best thing ever. Now it's time to SHOP!

These are the first thing on my list for the boys :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Breast Cancer.

This is for breast cancer month and for all those who have had to go through this. I love this song and i could not stop bawling. I had to go through cancer with my dad, but have never experienced loosing a really closed loved one to cancer. This is for my sweet friend Jules and what she had to go through with her sweet mommy. Read her stories here.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This is seriously the coolest and cutest Halloween shirt you will ever see. I am in love with it!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Almost 18 weeks!!!

Ok here is a belly picture finally!! It took forever for this thing to pop out. I am glad i can finally see my babies! xoxo.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Being a Mommy.

I seriously cannot wait to be a mommy. I can't believe that i am 17 weeks already! Every day i am closer to getting these sweet little babies in my arms... It isn't going by fast enough though! I know that they need this time to grow and develop, but i can't help but want them in my arms so bad.

The whole pregnancy has started to feel more real now. I finally just started showing like a week ago so now i feel like this is all really happening. Yeah i have been going through all the sickness and what not that comes along with being pregnant, but i still didn't feel like it was the real deal yet until about a week ago. I have been so paranoid lately because i havent seen my belly and now that it is finally growing i feel so relieved!

I look forward to hearing my babies heartbeats at every doctor's appointment. It seriously is the best thing ever. I love sitting there listening to my little turnip sized babies that are all mine. I love the little movements my babies make as i sit in different positions. It is the weirdest thing ever! I keep getting these weird bulges on the sides of my belly and i think it is the coolest thing. Every food that i used to love, i hate now and every food that i used to stay away from i want so bad! This pregnancy thing is crazy, but i wouldn't trade it for anything.

I am already feeling pain which has been worrying me a lot lately. After feeling this pain for a couple of days, the doctor checked me out and told me that everything looks good. Twins can go into labor a lot faster then one baby so i was told by my doctor to take it really easy... It has been hard, but it is all worth it.

I cant believe that i am actually going through what i have always dreamed about and that i am 4 months closer to being a mommy to my little babies. Being a mommy is something that i have always wanted to do ever since i was a little girl.

Trevor is going to be the BEST daddy ever. I watch the way he is with other little kids and babies and it is the cutest thing ever. He talks about the babies all the time and he gets more and more excited every day. He is such a hard worker for our little family. We are 2 months closer to finding out where his dental career will begin. He has been working so hard in school and has been killing his dental interviews. We cant wait until December 1st to really know where we are going to be!

October 27th cannot come fast enough... We find out if these little munchkins are girls or boys and i seriously want to know so bad already so that i can start shopping and planning everything!

I love that our little family is starting and that our dreams are coming true. I couldn't picture our lives any other way. We truly are blessed.

Monday, September 12, 2011

A New Chapter.

The Twins!
Baby A!
Baby B!
Say What?! Yes, I am having identical twins!! I am almost 13 weeks and out of my 1st trimester! I can't tell you all how excited Trevor and I are to be parents to two little babies. I mean we were already excited when we found out I was pregnant, but when we found out they were twins, it was like finding out I was pregnant all over again!!

Back in July I had been waking up feeling super sick and I was always so tired. So I finally decided that I would take a pregnancy test. I woke up on 7/18/11 feeling really sick. I went to the bathroom and started to open the pregnancy test. It took me forever to get it open because I was seriously shaking so bad ha. I finally got it open and did my thing. I sat for those long 3 minutes and then looked at the test. Tears filled my eyes and I started to seriously freak out. I couldn't believe that I would be a mommy in 9 months to a beautiful baby that would be all ours for forever. Trevor had already left for the gym so I didn't have anyone to freak out with. I kept calling and calling and calling him but obviously the gym was way more important than my exciting news. ha Just kidding. I know this is a lame way of telling your husband that he is going to be a daddy, but there was no way I was waiting until he got home from work at 10:00 that night to tell him. I finally got a call and looked at my phone and saw that it was him. I answered the phone and I heard his voice on the other side. As I was holding back my screams, I said, "Hey babe guess what?" and he said, "What?" and I said, "YOU ARE GOING TO BE A DADDY!!" He started bursting out with excitement and couldn't believe it either! We were just so thrilled that we were going to be parents. I was about 5 weeks pregnant when I found out and was so eager just to be farther along already. We quickly told our parents, siblings, and close family at that time. We decided to not tell friends yet since we wanted the baby to be more developed and farther along. This was one of the best days of our lives!

About a week later after my first doctor appointment, I asked Trevor for a blessing so that I would have comfort that the baby would be okay and so that it would develop healthy and be safe. Trevor laid his hands on head and started to give me the blessing. The words that Trevor said were amazing and we could just feel the spirit so strong. As the blessing progressed, Trevor kept pausing and instead of saying "baby", "babies" or "them" or "they" kept coming out of his mouth! He went on to say that the babies would develop healthy, that pregnancy and the babies would be ok, and that I would be healthy too. When the blessing was over, Trevor was just in shock and said it felt like words were being forced through his mouth. He would go to say "baby" and would be given the word, "babies" instead. I cannot tell you how much love I felt from my Heavenly Father at this time. I just love priesthood blessings.

August 16th finally came around and it was time for our first ultrasound! This was an ultrasound for viability and I was already 8 weeks! We were finally called back into the room and I got ready for them to do the ultrasound. The ultrasound tech starts her machine and starts doing her thing. My heart was racing and racing with anticipation to see my sweet little bud on the screen in front of me. Let me add that my mom was in the room and is a registered nurse and she is able to read ultrasounds pretty well. As soon as the ultrasound tech scanned for baby, my mom let out a big "gasp" and then covered her mouth. I stared at her and was scared that something was wrong. The ultrasound tech then asks me if Trevor and I got pregnant on our own or if we did fertility treatments. We told her that it was all us and she just smiled. The tech then said, "hold onto your hats we have twins!" I just stared at her and couldn't believe the words that just came out of her mouth. I started crying and shaking with excitement and so did Trevor. I couldn't believe that we were going to be having twins! I have wanted to have twins ever since I was a little girl. It was my dream. I mean I guess we already knew that we were having twins because of the blessing Trevor gave us. Priesthood blessings are so amazing and at that moment in time, I was reassured again of Heavenly Father's love, that he is real, and that he has a plan for our little family. It is just flat out AMAZING. The doctor that works at the ultrasound place then came in and said that our twins were identical! She said that they both have two sperate sacks, but they share one placenta. She then said that the twins are mono chorionic twins which means that they are at risk for stealing blood and nutrients from each other. One could develop faster than the other and take all the nutrients and blood from the other twin. She said they look great already, but that it is something they will be watching throughout my whole pregnancy. It is a scary thing, but as soon as they see it, they can treat it right away.

The weeks went on, and I started to get even more sick and tired. It had been really hard to be at work or even to do little things like walk up the flippen stairs! haha. I kept telling myself that it is all worth it because of the sweet little babies that were growing inside of me. So I kept pushing along...

9/9/11 came and it was time for my second ultrasound! We couldn't wait to see the babies again. Hearing their heartbeats every time, makes my heart melt. The screen came up and we saw the babies! They were already so much bigger than the last time we saw them! They were so adorable. They were bouncing and jumping around everywhere. It was so funny to see them playing bumper cars with each other. It was the cutest thing ever. They already love each other so much! I just love it. The tech tried to tell us the gender but the babies were being stubborn. Their legs were crossed and when they moved their legs a little she said that she couldn't tell yet because it was a little too early. She could almost figure out what they were but she kept going back and forth with the genders. Hopefully next time we can find out!! The babies are both growing healthy and strong and are progressing great!

We just love these little babies so much already. I honestly cannot wait to be a mommy and Trevor cannot wait to be daddy to not just one baby, but two. Being a mommy has been my dream ever since I started playing with baby dolls when I was little. I can't believe that my time is coming to fulfill my dream. I seriously cannot wait. We know that it will be hard raising two babies, but we know we will be blessed. We have such loving family and friends that love us and will help us. We love you and thank you all for your support and prayers in our behalf! We cannot wait to be parents to these cute babies and start the next chapter of ours lives.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Missionary Birthday Boy.

This post is dedicated to my little missionary brother. Happy birthday to the hardest working missionary I know! Elder Matthew Austin Gallego!
Tomorrow you will be turning 20 and I am so sad that I can't be there to share it with you. I cannot even believe that you are going to be 20 years old. It seems like just yesterday that you were stealing my princess purses and playing dress up with me. I miss your smile and your funny little jokes. I miss hearing you quote Hot Rod and The Ringer in every sentence that came out of your mouth. As much as I found it annoying most of the time, I hate to admit, I miss it so much... I miss our long talks about life and the times when you held me in your arms, as I cried over silly things or stupid boys. I just miss YOU. I know that what you are doing is so great and you are blessing so many lives out there is Pennsylvania. They are so lucky to have you. You are changing into such a great young man and I am so proud of the person you are becoming. Know that I will be thinking of you on your special day and that I am giving you hugs and kisses from far away. I can't wait until we are reunited again so that we can create more memories together. I love you and I hope that you have the best birthday ever.
Love, Me

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Wish.

I wish I was on this beach right now with my husband without a worry in the world.

I wish that work didn't exist and didn't have to be something that was consuming my husband's life everyday from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. - leaving barley any time for me to spend time with him, let alone see him.

I wish that I could eat whatever I want and not have to worry about it going straight to my butt.

I wish there was world peace and no contention.

I wish that every person in the world could have a loving stable home and have food to eat every day.

I wish everyday could be this day all over again. Pure bliss and no worry in the world.
Wishing for things made me realize one thing and that is to be grateful for what I have! I have been blessed with so much. I mean, but who doesn't wish for things everyday? I know a lot of us do. However, I am happy with my life just the way it is after I think about the poor children and families starving all over the world or other countries always at war with each other. I really do wish we could solve these problems. It breaks my heart. I mean little children would kill for that burger and fries and I am worried about it going to my butt. It makes me realize what has been given to me and how fortunate I am. I am so grateful for everything I have and that I get to wake up every morning to my man. I couldn't ask for anything more. My life is just how it is supposed to be and I am loving it every step of the way .