Wednesday, October 20, 2010

He Left...

Today, October 20, 2010, my brother Matthew left on his mission. He will be in the MTC for about 2 months while he learns spanish. Then, he will be in Pennsylvania soon after that. Today was a very hard day for our family as we said bye to him at the airport... We know that this is what he is supposed to be doing, but we are really going to miss having him around. I keep noticing little things that remind me of him and I break down and cry because I miss him so much already. I love my little brother and cannot wait to see him again in two years. He is my brother and one of my best friends that I will miss very much over the next couple of years. Make us proud Elder Matthew Austin Gallego! We love you so much and will pray for you everyday! I know it will go by fast...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rascal Flatts!

Trevor and I got to go to the Rascal Flatts concert on Friday night! Let me tell you.... IT WAS AMAZING!! I saw them about three yers ago, in concert, and about died. So when I found out that they were coming again, I about peed my pants. I absolutley LOVE Rascal Flatts. They have been my favorite country band for forever. The thing that I also love about them is that they sound so good live! I hate going to concerts and hearing a band sound completley different from what they sound like on the radio or their CD. That isn't the case with Rascal Flatts. Compare one of their live performances to a song on their album and you will not be able to tell a difference! I was so glad Trevor was able to come with me this time. Last time I went, Trevor had just left on his mission about a month before they came... So he missed out! He loved them too and we both agree that they are the best performers LIVE! I am kind of bummed though because my stupid camera on my phone wouldnt take any good pictures so I don't have any!

I forgot to mention.... That night, our night turned from completley awesome to a compltete WRECK! Before the concert we decided to park our car in a parking lot right next to Cricket Pavilion because we didn't want to get stuck in traffic when the concert was over. So we totally thought we scored with an awesome parking spot and no traffic latter on. Little did we know, our plan wasn't a very good plan after all. After the concert was over, we started walking back to our car, before anyone else, to beat the traffic. As we start walking around the corner, my heart started to pound because I did not see our car! We looked around and made sure that was where we parked and it definitley was! I was so scared that someone had stolen it since we were way out in downtown Phoenix... But then we noticed a stupid little sign at the top of a light pole that said "This is a Towing Zone. Do not Park here." Come on.. Seriously?? They had to make that sign so little and stick it so far up on the light pole so we couldn't see it! When we were looking around, we noticed that like EIGHT other people got their cars towed too. It was like the towing truck sat there and watched us all park and then towed our cars right when we left! We were pretty mad, let me tell you... So we call the number on the sign and the lady on the other end tells us that we cannot pick up my car until tomorrow morning at 10 a.m.!!! Seriously I wanted to cry... It was like 11:30 p.m. and we were stuck in downtown Phoenix with a bunch of crazy drunk people and I just wanted to get home. We started calling our family members and no one would answer the stupid phone! Finally, we got a hold of one of a really good friends, Bret, and he came and got us. By the time Bret came and got us and drove us home, it was now 1:30 in the morning and by the time we got to bed it was 2 a.m. Trevor was supposed to work the next day at 5 a.m.! Ha yeah right... I made him call in and tell them he couldn't come in. There was no way he would make it to work that early.

Some advice... make sure to always look around before you park some where or you will live the nightmare we were in! :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

An Update on Our Lives!

It has been WAY too ling since I have updated our blog... A lot has happened since the last time I really updated.

Trevor took his DAT and did totally AWESOME! So after he completed it, we decided to take off to Newport Beach, California for some fun in the sun. We left our babies with my parents and got away for a couple of days. Like always, the vacation went by WAY too fast... Pretty depressing I must say... As soon as we got home, Trevor and I had to start school again. BOO!! So we had some fun while it lasted! Here are some pictures from the trip!
Us on the Pier
Trev and I on the Hunnington Pier being silly

The Hunnington Pier

Laguna Beach

Cherry on Top! Way better than Yogurtland!

Trevor longboarding down the boardwalk

Also, our baby Bella is growing up so fast! I cannot even believe how big she has gotten since we got her in May. Her and, my other baby Tia, are the cutest puppies ever! They keep me company when I am home alone and Trevor is gone. Bella's new thing right now is to bark at every little sound she hears! It was funny at first, but not it is has just gotten really annoying haha. She likes to chew on everything! And, I mean, every little thing she can find! Another thing that she loves to do is to grab her dog bowl (while there is food still in it) and dump it out so that she can run around and chew on the bowl! It is actually really cute and funny to watch! So I cannot get mad at her for it. :) She also loves to have staring wars with Trevor right now. The FUNNIEST thing ever. It is actually quite entertaining for me as well! Bella will sit and stare at Trevor, waiting for the perfect moment to grab his nose or anything in sight on his face. Before she attacks, she lifts her upper lip, to show her teeth, and then pounces on Trevor's face! I know it sounds like it hurts my husband, but really he does it is because it is so funny to watch her do it and he doesn't care! It is seriously so funny... Makes my days! My other dog Tia, is still my little cuddler and is always so sweet to us. She loves long car rides with her face out the window of the car. It is hilarious to watch... She puts up with a lot from Bella's playing and biting at her poor legs. But I know they both love having each other around when we are not home. :) Here are some pics.

Car ride with Tia. Hilarious... LOVE the tongue!

Bella stares at us

Bella loves to sit on my shoulders in the car to be in the nice cool air

Bella carrying the dog bowl

On another note, my brother, Matthew, just got his mission call to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - spanish speaking mission!
He reports on Ocotber 20th, which is so soon! He is way excited to get out there and serve the lord. Matthew is the first person, from my side of the family, to serve a mission. So, he is way excited and so is our family! We will all miss him, but we all know this is where he is meant to be for two years!

These last couple of months, we have been sucked into the show, Prison Break. Seriously, I do not think we have ever had so much anxiety before in our lives! It is really a good show, but sometimes I wish we did not even start watching it! It is so addicting and every episode is crazy! Our weekend, now, consists of Prison Break every night and eating ice cream! haha. We are in the last season and are anticipating what is going to happen next...

Let's see... What else has happened in the last couple of months... Our lives, basically, consist of working all the time and going to school every day. Sucky... We barley see each other during the week because of our schedules, so we live for the weekends to be with one another! Trevor is getting ready to start dental school applications, so that he can start applying to get into schools. He will finish his degree, which will take about another year to complete. It is scary to think that he is almost there! WEIRD. I am working on my paralegal degree and trying to get done soon too! We are both doing really well in school and are crossing our fingers that we continue to keep doing well. ha.

The last thing that I want to talk about is my sweet husband. Here are the things I LOVE about him:

- Always makes me smile

- He loves me no matter what

- His pretty blue eyes and his smile

- Hard worker

- Watches chick flics with me

- Lets me win at about everything ;)

- Takes me to the temple

- Helps me around the house

- Does little things to make me happy

- Tells me he loves me every day

- Stong in the gospel

- Takes me on dates

- Helps me feel better no matter what

- He is going to be a great daddy some day

- And the list goes on!
I love this boy so much! Thank you hunny for all that you do. You really are the BEST ever...