Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our Busy Life.

It has been awhile since i posted!
i have been so busy with taking care of the babies, working from home, 
taking care of the house, and running many errands!
Brody and Jace are getting bigger and bigger everyday.
The boys and my sweet husband make my days the happiest days.
I love waking up to their smiling faces and giggles.
Yes they are smiling and giggling now!
It is the cutest thing ever.
They turned three months on the 21st.  I am guessing that 
they both weigh about 13 or 14 pounds now.  We 
go to the doctor in a couple of weeks to see how they are doing
and to get more shots. Boo.  I think i dread the shots more than they do!
It is seriously the saddest thing ever to watch.
Like i said, they are both at that stage where they are smiling and giggling a lot.
I love their cute personalities! Brody tends to be the cry baby of the family and Jace is calm and relaxed one.  Well most times he is haha.  Most of the time, if Brody is crying, Jace will just
sit there and stare and Brody and says to himself, "Brody what is your deal? Mommy
is trying the best that she can!"  haha at least that is what he looks
like he his thinking.   They sure do love each other.  If one cries the other one will get sad and as soon as the crying as stopped the other one stops. It really is cute.  They like to stare and giggle at each other right now.  I cant wait until they are bigger and can start doing it a lot more!
 They both love their daddy so much.  Every time he comes home, they cant help but stare, smile, and giggle at him while he plays with them.  I love it.  They get to spend time with mommy all day so once they see daddy they are way excited and cant get enough.
I love that they are so alert and attentive now to everything around them.  Every time i 
leave the room, they sometimes cry and as soon as i come back in, they are calm and smily. They really are the cutest babies ever.  It takes me about two hours most of the time to get myself ready, get the boys ready, feed them, bathe them, get them dressed, get the diaper bag ready, and get them all packed up and out the door to go anywhere.  It seriously looks like im going on a trip half the time because i have so much stuff and it takes so much work to get out somewhere!
The boys are starting to grab at toys and just stare at them.  They love kicking their legs and waving around their arms as much as possible!  They are definitely active little boys.  They have both been doing great throughout the night!  I usually get their last feeding in between 10:30 p.m. 11:00 p.m. and then they have been sleeping in until about 8:30 a.m. every day!
I love it.  One happy mommy over here! 
The boys have loved playing and going on dates with their girlfriend Hazel. At this point, Hazel cant decide which boy she wants.  She always stares back and forth at both of them and gives them both kisses.   I think she may want both of them.  haha.  I mean, they are identical so how can she decide! haha.  One of my best friends, Emily, had her baby, Hazel, a couple days after i had Brody and Jace.  We also live right across the street from each other!  So it has been fun going on mall dates, our Sprinkles cupcakes and Zoyo runs, and having BBQ's and swimming with the boys.  We dont know what we would do without that cute family!
 The boys were blessed on the 6th of May and it was such a spiritual experience.  Trevor did such an amazing job with the blessings.  Our little family definitely felt Heavenly Father's love for us that day.
Trevor and I celebrated our birthdays in the month of April!  Trevor turned 25 and I turned 22.  Wow we are getting old.  We had tons of fun on our special days.  From shopping sprees to lunch dates to breakfast dates to dinner dates and to wonderful presents from the each other and the people we love.
Trevor graduated from ASU with his Bachelors in Health Science.  It was such a wonderful day and he is thrilled to be done with that chapter in his life.  He was asked to speak at graduation and he did a wonderful job!  We are so proud of him and the all the hard work he did throughout all those years!
Trevor has been working so hard for our little family this summer.  Since he starts dental school in July, he is trying to work as much as possible before then.  He is out in the summer heat all day everyday working his butt off training guys and making pest control sales.  We really love him for it and appreciate all that he does for our little family.  It has been really hard for us not
having him around, but he only has about 4 more weeks left and then
we are off to our California beach house for a week!
We can hardly wait.
Trevor and I celebrated out 3rd year wedding anniversary on the 16th.  I cant believe it has already been three years and we have had two babies already!  Time is flying by and so much has been happening.  We decided to go out to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse for our anniversary dinner.  If you havent been there, you HAVE to go.  It is the BEST food you will ever eat! I seriously was in heaven. Their steaks are the best steaks that sizzle in butter and sweet potatoes that melt in your mouth and taste like cobbler!  Yes cobbler.  So Yummy.  Talking about it makes me want some right now.  My mouth is watering as we speak.  I also really hate mushrooms, but they have these crabs mushrooms that are to die for!  We cant wait until we get to go back again.
 We love our little boys and cant believe that they are going to be 4 months in about 3 weeks.  Time is flying.  We love them to death.  Being a mommy and daddy to twins is definitely really hard, but we wouldn't trade it for anything.  They make us the happiest mommy and daddy ever.  


  1. You are so cute and optimistic! I just love you!! :) I didn't realize you were working too!!! When are we going to get in our play time! No wonder it's so tough! Maybe a day next week? Give those boys some kisses for me :)

  2. I love this! I miss your adorable little family. You are such a good mom and I am so happy for you. I need to see you soon. I think back to elementary and jr high and high school and am amazed at how fast time has flown by. We always imagined what life would be like and tried to plan it out. It has turned out way better than we imagined it. I am so grateful for your support in my life and what an amazing friend you are. This blog post made me tear up a bit. You are such a cute mom and the boys are getting more beautiful every day! I love you so much! Thanks for being one of my very best friends! I'm so happy and excited for you. Can't wait to see you :)