Monday, April 9, 2012

Growing Fast.

Time has been flying by these last couple of months.
I cannot even believe that my little Brody and Jace are almost 2 months old!
Where has the time gone?!
They grew out of all their newborn clothes already and are now in the 3-6 months clothes!
People really weren't kidding when they said babies grow up so fast.
They really are already.

Along with my sweet husband, these little boys make me the happiest mama ever.
I seriously love waking up to them everyday and just being with them all the time.

They are already about 10 pounds!  What?!  They have gained about 5 pounds each already since birth!  
They seriously need to stop growing up already.
I am glad that they are growing good and are healthy, but before i know it
they are going to be rolling over and walking!

They both love to talk to each other already.  It's the cutest thing.  They grunt and make noises 
back and forth and love to hold hands.  I love it.
They love to make smiles and look around all the time.
I have been lucky enough to catch them smiling in some pictures!
They make my day.

They both have been eating, sleeping and pooping a lot!
It is so hard to keep up with everything because there is always so much to do!
I feel like my house never stays clean.  I will clean it one day and turn around the next day
and it is messy again!   I guess thats what happens when you have babies!

They have both been sleeping at night about 5 1/2 hours!  Yay!  This has seriously made
me so happy!  I was not functioning very well on no sleep and neither was daddy.

These little boys LOVE their daddy so much.  They cant wait until he 
gets home every night to play with them.
When they hear his voice, they just stare at him and cant take their eyes off him.
Trevor is really the best daddy ever and i just love to watch him with these boys.
There is just something about watching how your husband loves on your babies.
it is the sweetest thing ever. i love it.

Trevor has been working so hard for our little family.  He has been so busy with school and 
work lately.  He is getting ready to graduate in May with his Bachelors in Health Science.
He also got asked to speak at graduation!!  He is freaking out, but is so excited for the opportunity!
He will start dental school in July and cannot be more thrilled.

We have seen so many more blessings in our lives lately since Brody and Jace joined
our family.  It is amazing to see the Lord's hand helping in our lives everyday.
We really couldn't do any of this without him.

We love our little Brody and Jace more and more everyday.
We can't imagine life without them.

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  1. AHH! you are the cutest, sweetest lil momma!!! Those boy are so lucky!!! I miss you so much! Can we get together next week? I'm getting better!! I don't throw up ALL day now, haha! And you have to tell me all about this house!! :)

    p.s. the picture of the boys in their bumbos cracks me up!