Friday, October 28, 2011

October 27th.

Yesterday I found out the gender of my sweet babies...

THEY ARE BOYS!!!! We are so thrilled that we have little identical twin baby boys on the way. We cannot wait to meet them so they better hurry up and grow fast!

Trevor and I had been waiting to find out what these babies were ever since we got pregnant. October 27th felt like it couldn't come fast enough and then it finally came after a long wait!

Our appointment was at 3:15 p.m. so it seriously felt like i was waiting years as i was twiddling my thumbs up until the appointment. Good thing i was keeping myself busy with things so it made the time go by faster. At about 2:30 p.m., i got a call from the ultrasound facility and i about freaked out when i saw them calling me because i thought that they were going to cancel! They then told me that they were running behind so that my appointment time would be pushed back a bit. Good thing they didn't want to reschedule because they would have had one angry pregnant woman for sure. haha.

We finally got to the facility and we sat there for about an hour before we got called back. I could not stop fidgeting or moving around because i was so excited to know what they were already! We were finally got called back and we jumped out of our seats. We raced back to the back and they quickly started the ultrasound. The tech started doing her thing and examined a few things before going onto the gender. Then she pointed to the boy part on baby A (who might i add, was spreading his legs and throwing it in our view for visibility. It was hilarious) and it was definitely a baby boy! My heart sank and Trevor and I were both overwhelmed with happiness! We were having boys!! Since we confirmed the first baby was a boy, we assumed the other one was a boy too since they are identical, but we still wanted to check in case. The tech did some more examinations on the first baby and then finally went on to the next one. Then there it was! The baby boy part again! Both of our boys liked showing off their parts to us and were not shy at all! It was seriously the funniest thing ever. Of course Trevor was SUPER proud of them. haha.

You can tell which baby is which by a letter A or B on the left of the picture.

Baby B was being stubborn and wouldn't let us see his face! Still so adorable though.
Loving each other!
Still loving each other!
Look at that cute butt!
Baby A showing us how cute he is! Love!

The boys are doing great and are healthy! The doctor talked with us this morning about the ultrasound and gave us a little feedback about what we should be expecting from now on. I have to go in every two weeks now for an ultrasound just to check their size and how they are growing. They are both already 8 ounces, but he said that they are little bit lower than normal when it comes to their weight at this stage of the pregnancy. He said that it was nothing to worry about, but that we want to keep an eye on them to make sure they are growing on track. They then have to get an echocardiogram done in about 4 weeks to check their hearts since they are monochorionic twins. All this testing is standard for these types of twins so i am ok with it. All i care about is that my babies are healthy!

We could not be happier about our babies being cute boys! The pregnancy just feels so much more real now knowing what our sweet babies are. We are so excited to be a mommy and a daddy and cannot wait for these babies to be out already! We already love them so much and love every time we get to see them up on the screen. It really is the best thing ever. Now it's time to SHOP!

These are the first thing on my list for the boys :)


  1. Gah cute!! I cry every time I read your pregnancy posts. So So cute!!

  2. Soc excited for you! I had those shoes for Jake and I had skull ones.. don't listen to what people say boys are fun to dress!