Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our Busy Life

Sorry i have not updated this in so long! A lot has happened since i last updated. I finally went in for my surgery and got my gallbladder taken out! I seriously am relieved that it is finally out. I am still in the process of recovering from surgery so i cannot tell if i am still have the same pain as i used to be in. Only time will tell! i just hope that it is gone for good! I was sick of being sick... haha

We had an exciting weekend this last weekend as we celebrated Trevor's 23rd birthday! He cant believe that he is 23 already! Crazy how time flies by... My birthday is coming up soon too on the 25th and ill be 20! I finally wont be a teenager anymore! Weird! Well i decided to give Trevor surprises all day long on Friday. I made him breakfast, decorated the house, and left his present for him to see when he finally woke up. That night i took him to BJ's Resturant because he loves the chicken there. the most exciting part was going to Jumpstreet with a bunch of our friends! Trevor had been bugging me to go for so long but i had been sick, so we went and loved it! We also had conference that weekend which was AMAZING... we love to hear the general authorities speak to us and the spirit that we feel every time.

We are coming up on our one year anniversary in May, which is crazy to think of! It feels like we just got married yesterday! So we are excited for that.

Trevor has been busy with school getting straight A's and staying in the top of all of his classes. So proud of him... :) He works very hard... He is still working at Rio and is trying to love it but at the same time wants to move on to something new! He is getting ready to take the DAT to help him get into dental school this summer. So this summer will be stressful for him as he prepares for it! We get to tour AT Still Dental School this Saturday (hopefully the dental school he gets accepted to) and Trevor is so excited...

Like i said, i am still trying to recover from my surgery and trying to get my life back to normal little by little. My job has been busy and very scary. They just let more people go and i am lucky to still have a job. I thank heavenly father every day for the blessings that he gives us.

We have been doing little things around the house, just trying to get it in order. We finally finished our office/guest room and we love it! It is just a great feeling to know that it is finally done! So our house is finally complete!

We stay busy and really look forward to our weekends when they come... :)

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