Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Third Baby

Well i finally turned 20 this last weekend on the 25th! It was definitely a great day and my husband totally spoiled me. I woke up that morning to this awesome birthday present!
It was definitely a huge surprise and i absolutely love it! i have been wanting a beach crusier for so long and now i finally have one! it is exactly what i wanted and Trevor couldn't have picked out a better one! it is so cute and i seriously LOVE it... Trevor took me out to dinner and to see The Last Song. That movie was so cute but really sad... we spent Sunday with my family and ate my favorite dinner! we had fajitas and apple cobbler with ice cream for dessert! So freaking good! So my husband is my 1st baby, Tia (our puppy) is my 2nd baby, and now i have a 3rd baby, my beautiful beach cruiser! It was a great birthday and i Love my husband and family for making it so great!

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