Monday, January 25, 2010

Year 2009

So I am finally updating our blog after having to delete our other one because it was giving me so many problems for some reason. Year 2009 flew by fast. It was a year full of many memories that we will always remember. Here are some of the memories...

Valentine's Day Night. The night we were finally engaged.

This was definitely a night to remember... It was perfect. :)


These are our two favorite pictures...

My Bridal Shower and birthday. :) Trevor decided that he would show up.

This was fun to be able to have my shower and birthday on the same day! Twice the presents! HAHA

The Wedding Day!

This was the seriously the wedding of our dreams. We couldn't have asked for better! We had so much fun and wish we could do it all over again...

Our New Condo

This condo took us forever to build and all the hard work paid off! We absolutely love it and love our families for working so hard to help us get it finished! Took us about three months to get done but we finally made it!

San Diego, California for Travis and Janessa's Wedding!

Their wedding was beautiful and we loved that we were able to go and be part of their special day... We also loved taking to the road trip to be with friends and family and enjoy the beautiful weather while we could.

Well that was the end of our adventures for 2009! We did have a lot more things that went on but we don't have the pictures form everything to show. Wish we did... It was a great year a definitely one to always remember... <3

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