Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Well the day is almost here.... One of the biggest day of our lives. Trevor has been working so hard and i know that he is going to rock this test. On August 11 th Trevor will be taking the DAT for dental school. He is at the stage right now where he is freaking out. I dont blame him because i would be too. He has been so dedicated to studying for this test. He has done amazing on all his practice tests and quizzes. His goal is a 20+ and i know he will reach that goal. Please keep our little family and Trevor in your prayers. We have seen heavenly father bless us so much lately and we know he will help us through this. I miss my husband so i want this to be over already! We are going to California as soon as the test is over so we can hardly wait! We love you all and thanks for your prayers and love!

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